About Altrum

Altrum means “to foster” in Gaelic. We are a federation of separate, diverse and creative organisations who share common values and principles and aim to live to those values in all the work we do.

We have a role to develop our own members and to nurture new like minded organisations and improve practice through the development of cutting edge projects. We commit to sharing freely all resources and share real partnership in training, policy development and in obtaining services collectively in areas such as Personnel, Health and Safety support.

Altrum exists in order to:

  • Support the development of excellent organisations, both new and existing, to promote community inclusion.
  • Increase the accountability of services to the people they are there to serve.
  • Advance the power and interests of disabled people and others who are at risk of segregation and promote the closure of all institutional provision.
  • Promote the community’s understanding of the dangers of institutionalisation and explain the value of inclusion and community development.

Altrum Member organisations are required to sign up to promote Altrum’s key principles:

Personal Autonomy: We need to support people to make choices and take control over the course of their own lives.

Individual Gifts: Each of us has our own individual strengths and gifts. We need to acknowledge the gifts of those we serve and ensure that those gifts can be expressed and developed.

Community Membership: We need to work in ways that enhance the community’s competence at including and supporting people.

Community Participation: We need to ensure that the people we help are enabled to improve their sense of connection to others, in ways that are right for them.

Dignity and Respect: We need to ensure that our help enhances status and is respectful of the individual’s rights and dignity as a human being.

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